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New Horizons
School of Information Technology

 Registration is open forRegular Classes forBusiness Professionals, Adults, Teens & Kids 7+

 Registration is open forRegular Classes forBusiness Professionals, Adults, Teens & Kids 7+

What is Offered?

Microsoft & Google
Education Platforms

Access to Microsoft Office 365

when registered

Here at New Horizons School of Information Technology, our students are always at the heart of what we do. That’s why our online/virtual learning program is easily adapted and customized to meet every student’s needs, no matter where they are located. 


We invite business professions, students, young & old, from anywhere, to enhance their skills while sharing in a socially diverse and interactive environment.


Introduction, Intermediate & Advanced Classes for Business Professionals, Adults, Kids (7+), & Teens.

Classes include:

  • Microsoft Business Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, Outlook, Teams, Publisher, Notes, Access, SQL, etc.)

  • Kids 7+ Monthly Continuous Learning Classes

  • Kids Summer Camps 

  • Kids Coding, Web Page Design, etc.

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Keyboard and Mouse

"New Horizons School of Information Technology was a pivotal stepping stone in helping me build my IT skills. Only in grades 4 and 5, I became quite proficient in MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access.  I also learned how to build a website.  The skills I learned carried me throughout my life and have given me an edge academically and professionally.  The teacher, Mrs. Jetha Lake, is simply amazing, being able to teach these skills across any age range - and we were never bored."

Jonelle R. Irish

"The time I spent at Mrs. Lake’s computer class was a memorable experience. I remember most of it like it was yesterday. This experience influenced my love for information technology in high school and also throughout my college years.  I was so enthusiastic about computer classes that one afternoon I eagerly walked down the road from school to go to class on a day that it was not scheduled for.  How crazy right?

My first email address emerged from Mrs. Lake’s classes. I was so excited that one class when she informed us that we would be making an email address. I still remember the handle to this day.  Overall, I really enjoyed the content of each class and the patience that Mrs. Lake had with all of her students. If I could attend her classes all over again, I would do it in the blink of an eye.

I learned so much from you. Thank you!"

Tyá W.

"I did Introduction to Computers and three MS Excel classes.  I learned so much that in a few weeks I was not only able to better use my PC, but more importantly prepare spreadsheets on the job. 

Thank you for your patience and professionalism.  Wonderful learning experience!"

D. Jacobs-Henry

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